Mission and Long-Term Vision


We live on this charming planet, and rely on our wisdom to create some interesting things, which makes our supplies more abundant and our life more convenient. We have a common dream and look forward to a better future.


However, not everyone is on the same starting line. We live in different regions and countries, we have different cultures and beliefs, so we may represent the interests of different groups, but most importantly, there are huge differences in wealth between each of us.


Metaverse show us that we are in the same virtual world, where everyone will be treated fairly, everyone had to start from ground zero, and you can even work here and get long-term and permanent dividends.
To this end, we have also designed a unique "Groker Identity Growth System" and enabled individuals to collaborate like traditional companies through DAO.
Grok hopes to bring together all craftsmen and take full advantage of these roles. Anyone with resources, skills or time can volunteer to contribute to Grok's development, growth and promotion.
Everyone is the same here, no matter what country you come from, no matter what skills you have, you will always be needed here.


In Web 2.0, the economic benefits of the network overwhelmingly go to the large companies, while in Web 3.0, the value of the network goes to the users, communities, and creators who actually create it, no more to the middlemen. Crucially, individuals, especially those currently on the edge of innovation, will have the opportunity to create value on this new digital network and reap unlimited benefits from their efforts.
You can always expect something new, which is the greatest charm of Metaverse. If no one can define it, I think everyone could define it. Metaverse is in a state of chaos, with many different voices, and we hope that everyone can clear away the layers of fog to find something really interesting, and that will bring you wealth and future.
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