This is our most correct and great decision.

Now most projects of the block chain claim Web 3 or Metaverse are often centrally controlled by some centralized companies or project parties, users can't participate and own effectively.
So as a great experiment of Web 3, we have given up cooperation with all institutions, including any VC, private placement, IDO, team reservation, etc. We hope that everyone can enjoy fairness and equality.
Grok's launch will take a very unique approach with no pre-sales or announcements, it was a stealth launch without any agency or team reserved tokens. In order to encourage people to participate and attribute the project to the users who actually create value, our team gave up ownership, even though we've spent $5 million and 50 developers have been working on it for a year.
Our purpose is simply to ensure that this will always be a project of people who committed to believing in its vision.
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