The core of Grok
PLANET cluster
There are 1000 unique planetary NFTs (ERC-721) in Grok, each planet can provide many different game exp eriences. Each PLANET holder has the right to use 100 LANDs and gains the benefits of creating game content on the LAND. Grok will be a massive, decentralized multiplayer ecosystem of many planets. Each planet can lead to other planets through the city center, and players can shuttle between their favorite planets at any time.
Total supply of PLANET:
  • 1,000 PLANET.
Distribution of PLANET:
  • 100 (10%) of which will be officially used for business cooperation and ecological operation.
  • 900 (90%) for public sale.
  • PLANET holders can get 100 LAND NFT airdrops.
  • PLANET holders can receive an airdrop of 10% of the total supply of $GROK tokens.
  • PLANET holders can charge players for tickets, which are $GROK tokens, allowing users to access create content, games, competitions, etc. in their PLANET.
  • PLANET holders have the right to operate and can choose different ways to create a variety of different metaverse games or experiences for community players in their PLANET.
  • PLANET holders can stake PLANET NFTs to get Grok Honors.
  • PLANET holders have the privileges of all games in the entire Grok ecosystem.