The core of PLANET
In the Grok project ecology, there are a total of 100,000 LAND NFTs (ERC-721), and these LANDs will all be airdropped to 1,000 PLANET holders for free.Each PLANET holder has the right to use 100 LANDs and gains the benefits of creating game content on the LAND.
Creator Incentive Program: In order to encourage personal and professional creators, we set up incentive mechanism. In "Free Mode",player can choose a piece of LAND (custom size and coordinates) for the creation of content, once the creators passed the interstellar residents vote, the ownership of the LAND will given to the creator. If the creator's content is officially released into "P2E Mode" as an official "Miniverse" within the "Metaverse" framework, he will receive ongoing revenue from his Miniverse.
Total supply of LAND:
  • 100,000 blocks.
  • Future supply will be determined by DAO governance.
LAND Roles:
  • LAND is the physical space in Grokverse that players use to create content or games and make money from them.
  • LAND is used to launch game, and each LAND has a set of pre-built terrain, but it can be modified and modified by any user.
  • LANDs can be purchased or awarded by anyone, each LAND is 1000* 1000 m², it could be represented by the NFT.
  • Holders can group LAND together to form estates, which may be shared by many people.
  • The map determines the coordinates of the holder's particular land and neighbors .