Grok Honors

"Grok Honors" is a unique asset in "Groker Identity Growth System."
In the Era of Web 3.0, the longevity of a project depends on the size of its community culture and its users' dependency.
With the emergence of more Web 3.0 games, the time and assets of participants will most likely become decentralized. Only by gathering more core participants and paying more costs will make the user engagement become higher and attract more players. Instead of rewarding capital flowing back and forth, we need to put incentives in the hands of real contributors and let the real contributors settle.
As a result, we designed a "Groker Identity Growth System" which makes "Grok Honors" the only way to measure contributors, this is also a unique bonus mechanism for GROK. Just like in a company, employees have a position and this "points" determines their salary.
It should be noted that our "Resident Status" which "Grok Honors" represented is permanent and cannot be transferred. As long as you make any contribution to the platform, you can earn this points. More points, more regular dividends users receive.
  • Grok Honors is not transferable as a proof of contribution.
  • Grok Honors could recognizes holders with dividends and consistently rewards.
  • Residents can take advantage of Grok Honors grades to earn public Honors and proposal/vote access.
  • Grok Honors are awarded for participation in games, content creation, community interaction, voting, and proposals.
  • The size of the dividend depends on the macroeconomic objectives of the system.
  • The bonus cycle is weekly/monthly , it’s also a way for contributors to earn a steady income.